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Individual Lemon Berry Trifles

1 Jul

Have you noticed a loosely-based theme here this week? Barbecue chicken, picnic-friendly wraps, and a quick and easy side dish? It was all to gear you up for today’s very obviously Independence Day dessert! What is more patriotic than a red white and blue dessert? Well, lots of things, obviously, but for the sake of this blog, we’ll say nothing :D And what screams summer more than fresh berries? Not much! So here we have it, the perfect patriotic, summery dessert.

And wouldn’t it just crack you up to know that these came about from a major mess up in the kitchen on my part? Well, they did. You see, I did something I usually avoid. I tried baking. *dun, dun, dun!* Not only that, I tried low fat baking. I have heard from multiple sources that a can of diet soda plus a box of cake mix will make a fluffy, tasty, low calorie, low fat dessert. Supposedly you just can’t even tell the difference between that cake and a cake with oil and eggs in it. I did say supposedly.

Taste-wise, there was no difference. I used a can of diet cream soda and a box of lemon cake mix, and it tasted heavenly. The problem is that the muffins just did not want to come out of their pan. At all. They were just crumbling into bits. It was a huge mess. Since I had planned to serve the little mini muffins covered with berries anyway, I improvised and these mini trifles were born! And you know what, I think they turned out even better than what I had been expecting. The lesson I learned is that when life hands you a crumbly piece of lemon cake, turn it into a mini berry trifle :D

Individual Lemon Berry Trifles
1 box lemon cake mix
1 12-ounce can diet cream soda
6 cups mixed berries, cleaned and sliced
12 tablespoons light whipped cream
12 fresh mint leaves

Combine lemon cake mix and diet soda. Mix well. Pour batter into a mini muffin tin coated with cooking spray. Bake as directed on box.

Once cakes are baked and cooled, crumble one into the bottom of a small glass or mini trifle dish. Top with approximately 1/4 cup berries. Repeat each layer. Continue this process for all 12 cups.

Right before serving, add a one tablespoon dollop of whipped cream to each glass, and garnish with mint leaves.

Makes 12 trifles.

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